Creative Strategist, Art Director and Designer


This past year, I worked to create new branding for Millana Snow and create a new website through Showit. I also created a landing page for her company, Wellness Official’s website as we are working on building out the site. 

Brand Partnerships 

I’ve worked on brand partneships for Millana Snow, who is a Los Angeles based Energy Healer and Influencer.

Clients: Logitech, Ulta, Mud/Wtr, Athleta, Instagram 

Sales Page Creation 

I’ve designed and put together copy for multiple online courses and events for Millana Snow through leadpages. 

Event Planning 

I planned, booked and coordinated two in-person events for Millana Snow with Modernhaus in NYC and The Lair Studio in the Hollywood Hills. 

Online Course Creation

I worked with Millana Snow to build out a customized Kajabi to hold all of her courses and offerings. Additionally, I art directed and organized the creation of her conscious business course, Thriving and Aligned.  

Press and Podcasts 

I’ve pitched and organized interviews for top podcasts and publications for Millana Snow. 


I created album art for Boreta’s ambient music project called Soundpotion. 

League of Rebels

For a media class that I took, we were tasked with coming up with a media plan to bring and Austin suit company to Kansas City, Mo. We were given a budget and came up with a media plan. 

Southwest Airlines

For a class I took called integrated communications management, we were assigned a group project where we were tasked with coming up with a way to get people flying on Southwest Airlines after quarantine restrictions are lifted during the COVID-19 pandemic.


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